100 Readings through the Bible’s Greatest Story


September 23rd – October 29th

The first part of this study is 6 weeks long, and runs from September 23rd – October 29th. During this time, each participant will be encouraged to complete Old Testament readings, supplemented by the book or app,  “The Essential Jesus.” Small groups formed for this study will meet once a week to talk about the readings with discussion questions. Pastor Paul will be crafting his messages to reflect the weekly topics covered in the book/app, in his sermon series Signposts to Jesus. We’ll take a break from the study in November through mid January to focus on applying spiritual practices, and the holiday season. Then in mid January we’ll pick the study back up with New Testament readings. Please join us for this exciting study as we rediscover Jesus!

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Sermon Series:

September 9/10
September 16/17
September 23/24
September 30/October 1
October 7/8
October 14/15
October 21/22
October 28/29
Who Is This Man?
Why Did Jesus Come?
Who Is Jesus?
The Need For A Savior
Previews Of A Savior
Psalms About A Savior
Prophecies About A Savior
More Prophecies About A Savior
Luke 4
Luke 19
Colossians 1
Genesis 3
Book of Job
Psalms 2 & 22
Ezekiel 34
Isaiah 61