Facility Request Form

  • This form must be completed before any activity will be reviewed for placement on the church master calendar. All properly completed forms will be reviewed within seven calendar days and a response provided to the requesting party. Family in Christ sponsored community activities have priority use of our facilities. Therefore, we reserve the right reschedule or cancel any previously approved event up to 30 days prior to the event date.
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  • ***It is the responsibility of your group to return the building to the condition in which you found it.***
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  • Church Usage Policy

    By clicking "Submit" below the individual using and/or renting the Family in Christ Community Church facilities acknowledges that the group function will treat the building, grounds, equipment and other church assets with the utmost respect and care. Any loss or damage to the church, the church property or any other church asset will be the responsibility of the group using the facility at the time. The group agrees to fully compensate the church for any required cleanup not properly completed by the group, and to compensate the church for any loss or damage. The group agrees to do so within ten calendar days of receipt of an invoice from Family In Christ Community Church for said cleaning, damages or loss. Rooms and areas other than those specifically requested are off limits and are not to be entered or used. The use of candles is prohibited unless specifically authorized in writing. Church decorations, flags, candles, pictures, signs of faith, Bibles and other items which depict our Christian faith and belief system may not be removed, moved, hidden, concealed, modified or altered at any time for any purpose. Exceptions to this must be in writing and will be granted only under extenuating circumstances. Any use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs on the premises and grounds is strictly forbidden at all times. By requesting the use of the building I agree to abide by the guidelines and policies of Family In Christ Community Church as described above and pay for any facility or equipment damages and cleaning charges in addition to the fees charged me for the facility use. I pledge that the activity being scheduled is not in conflict with the teaching / principles of Family In Christ Community Church. The person/group using the facility will indemnify and hold harmless Family In Christ Community Church, its agents, representatives and officers, for any damage or loss sustained due to the requested use.