In Your Neighborhood


Love Where You Live!


What Would Happen If We Got Better at the Two Things That Jesus Said Matter Most?

Love God and Love Your Neighbor as Yourself.

What if it isn’t an accident that you live on the street you live? What if God has a reason for putting you in that house or apartment you find yourself in – so that you can love those people right next door and right across the street – your neighbors?
Our hope and prayer is that you as you say “YES” to loving God, you will also say “YES” to loving your neighbor. For us, “neighboring” is not a program or an initiative or an event…. it’s a way of life. Together we are living out the fullness of the greatest commandment.
The Neighboring life is about more intentionally loving the people around us and specifically our literal neighbors.  It’s a call to be aware of what’s happening around us. It’s a call to look for ways to jump in and act when God nudges us. It’s a call to share and to be Good News to people.
And here’s the bonus! The Neighboring Life is not just for your neighbors. It’s also for you!  It grows your heart. It enhances your relationship with God. You get to join God in what he is doing in your neighborhood. It helps your faith grow and come alive.


  • Speak to God on behalf of your neighbors.
  • Pray for your neighbors like you would pray for yourself.
  • When in doubt of what to pray, ask God for the words.


  • Do all you can to connect and stay connected.
  • Pay attention and stay aware of your neighbors.
  • Learn your neighbors’ names.
  • Get to know your neighbors’ histories, hopes and hurts.


  • Be present with your neighbors and have fun!
  • Laugh with your neighbors.  Laughter helps relationships grow.
  • Share good food and good drink with your neighbors.


  • Realize that your neighbors may be intimidated by, or fearful of, Christians.
  • Be aware that your neighbors may have been previously hurt by Christians, or the church.
  • Be genuine, authentic and honest.
  • Admit you aren’t perfect, and need Jesus just as much as your neighbors do.


  • Our deepest motive is love and our highest hope is faith.
  • Share your whole life with your neighbors.  Yes, even your faith!
  • Be good news as you share the Good News.


Download & Print a My5 Card to keep track

of how you are BLESSing your Neighbors



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