Beyond the Walls Opportunities During COVID-19
Even during this season of social distancing, there are still practical ways to minister to & love on people beyond the walls.
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Ways to Love Your Neighbor during COVID-19
1. Check in with neighbors. People crave relationships. Right now, that’s tough. One of the best ways we can love others is simply spending our time with them. Who can you call, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, or talk with in your neighborhood?
2. Figure out what your neighbor needs. Maybe the need for a roll of toilet paper has passed, but what about other needs? Maybe you can take turns shopping for each other. Many families are struggling with working and schooling from home. How could you help? Could you tutor a student and help them stay on track so parents can keep up their work?
3. Spread some hope. I love some of the ideas bouncing around. Kids howling at the moon at 8:00 pm together in a community, sidewalk chalk messages and pictures of hope, social media connections and words of encouragement. How can you use your gifts and talents to encourage others during these times?
4. Be generous financially. Financially, families right around you will run the gamut from doing just fine to disaster. Find ways to help people stay/become employed. Get takeout if you feel comfortable doing that. Allow your kids to take their normal music or dance lessons through Zoom. Keep donating and tithing as best you can… and if you are strong financially, pray about stepping up knowing others won’t be able to.
5. Help others grow in their faith. This is a time where people are more open to conversation and deeper discussions. The fear of death makes people ask these bigger questions. Did God cause this? Why didn’t he stop it? Is there really life after death? Prayerfully ask God to help you see the opportunities all around you to see how your natural conversations could go deeper.

Other Practical Ideas

2. Offer to help on your Nextdoor App Help Map
3. Contact Broomfield Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (Broomfield VOAD)
4. Sew Masks
5. Donate to the Benevolent Fund
6. Encourage a heath care worker
7. Help mentor kids schooling from home where parent(s) are working