Our Vision


Changing the Spiritual Terrain of our community by making & mobilizing more followers of Jesus Christ.

A Message From Pastor Paul
In 1997 Judy & I moved to Westminster with our two teenage kids. Along with 20 or so adults, we re-launched a sputtering church called Family in Christ. During those early years, we put out a few yard signs announcing we were open & people started showing up. When we ran out of room at that Old Wadsworth location, we purchased five acres of land on Sheridan & built our present facility. Once again, many new people found their way in & became a part of our Community. We found ourselves ministering in dozens of ways to hundreds of people.
But then the world changed. Not overnight, mind you. Slowly. Almost imperceptibly. But undeniably. Across the nation, church attendance declined. Popular, even strident atheism rose. Churches found themselves with more & more cultural competition for people’s time, energy & money. And if those things were true of America in general, they are doubly true here in Colorado.
But while our culture has changed, our mission has not. And so, if we are going to reach this new world around us, we are going to need to innovate. And adapt. And discover new ways to build the church, make disciples & advance Christ’s kingdom in this world. Instead of waiting for people to come & find us, our hearts will need to be focused outwardly on new ways to reach people “beyond the walls” of our facility. But to do that as a church, we are going to need someone on our church staff who can oversee our disciple-making efforts, as well as equip & mobilize people to be & share good news beyond the walls of the church building.
Beyond The Walls is our three year capital stewardship campaign that will allow us to reduce our current mortgage payments so we can redirect the savings toward hiring an equipping Pastor. This stewardship effort will also allow us to invest significantly in mission work beyond our walls. Indeed, our goal is to direct up to one-third of the savings to support ministries, both locally & globally, beyond the walls of this place.
Each & every time we, as a church, have embarked on a Stewardship Campaign it has been a season of growth, discovery & transformation, both individually & corporately. And so, keep your ears & your heart open as we begin what promises to be a time of great joy and wonder. And most, importantly, pray as we begin this journey together!

– Paul

Beyond the Walls FAQs
How does reducing debt help us go Beyond the Walls?
By reducing our annual mortgage payments Family in Christ has the opportunity to save upwards of $150,000 per year. Those savings can then be used to support expanded Beyond the Wall ministries.

How will those savings be used?

Our vision is to bring an Equipping pastor on staff who can develop new & creative opportunities to make disciples & deploy them, reaching non-believers & expanding God’s Kingdom. Your gifts will enable this position, expand Family in Christ’s outward ministries & enhance our church’s ability to influence our community for Christ.
How can I help?
Pray for guidance on your commitment, discuss stewardship with your family & think creatively about all possible sources for giving. Join with the FIC community as we all share in the joys of stewardship. You will receive a commitment card soon & we ask that you prayerfully consider your gift.
Pray With Us

Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus – 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Beyond the Walls Prayer Guide

I pray that God would be glorified through the teaching & actions of His people in the Beyond the Walls campaign
I pray that God would multiply all that is given to lead people into love & life-giving relationships with Him & each other
I pray for 100% participation; that every heart would be open to participate in this stewardship call
I pray that I would be more intentional in living my entire life as a steward with my time, talents & treasures to further God’s kingdom
I pray for specific guidance on what I can sacrificially give with God’s help
I pray for wisdom for our church leaders & volunteers of the Beyond the Walls campaign