Pastor Transition Updates


In 2021, after more than 25 years of faithful service as Senior Pastor for Family in Christ, Paul decided the time is approaching for him to step down and for FIC to begin transitioning to the next chapter.  In September, 2021, FIC Elders secured the services of an outside consultant (Vanderbloemen) to assist leadership in planning a successful search process.  Following review of FIC information and interviews with leadership and staff, Vanderbloemen presented a phase I report with recommendations on how FIC should proceed.  Based on their report and leadership’s satisfaction with services, the Elders voted to engage Vanderbloemen in a phase II contract to assist in the recruitment and screening of prospective candidates for the position.  Vanderbloemen has years of extensive experience, knowledge and success in assisting churches with filling key leadership positions.  A contract for phase II services was negotiated and executed in December.  

In 2021, the Elder board members voted to form a selection committee consisting of mature Christians who are or have served leadership positions at FIC.  That committee, consisting of three women and four men, held their first meeting in January.



What comes next and what is the approximate timing?

January, 2022 – The Executive Search Consultant assigned to our search will be on site to learn more about FIC culture and attend worship service.  During his visit, he will conduct meetings with the Elders, Selection Committee, Deacons, and staff to learn in great detail what qualities, attributes, experience, education, values, and theological beliefs are desired in a new Senior Pastor.  Feedback submitted by members of our congregation through the feedback form located on the bottom of this page will also be given to Vanderbloemen.  Now is the opportunity to share your thoughts and hopes to help our consultant, the Selection Committee, and the Elder board successfully screen and make the best choice for FIC.  You may use the feedback form below to submit your thoughts.    
February, 2022 – Vanderbloemen will create a comprehensive search profile and present a draft to the Elder Board and Search Committee for review and comments.  That will be an opportunity to verify that the search profile is accurate in terms of what FIC desires in the Senior Pastor.
February, 2022 – Once approved by FIC, Vanderbloemen will use the search profile to open up the search.  They will accept applications from interested candidates, and will reach out to a few of the more than 90,000 prospective candidates contained within their database to identify and invite those best matching our requirements to apply for the position.  
February, 2022 – Staff and Vanderbloemen will create a marketing video to highlight the culture of the team and church body.  The video can help to show off what God is doing at FIC by sharing our heart for the community, vision for the future, and how the Senior pastor role plays a pivotal part in the life of our church.
March-April, 2022 – Vanderbloemen will conduct a comprehensive multi level screening process to narrow the number of finalists presented to the FIC Selection Committee.  Their process consists of application reviews, background checks, social media reviews, evaluating effectiveness of preaching style and gauging fit for FIC, reviewing video responses to initial questions given to candidates, conducting zoom interviews, and conducting one-on-one interviews.  
April or May, 2022 – Vanderbloemen will present the top 3-6 candidates to the FIC Senior Pastor Selection Committee.  The Selection committee will carefully and prayerfully consider all of the information presented by Vanderbloemen.  The committee will then conduct zoom interviews and determine which candidate(s) FIC should bring on site to interview.  Following interviews and ranking, the committee will present recommendations to the Elder Board. 
May or June 2022 – The Selection Committee meets with the Elder Board and recommends which candidate(s) should be considered for the position.  The Elder Board will make the final decision and negotiate a package and starting date.

It is the hope of FIC leadership to have the new Senior Pastor on board by the end of the summer.  


What can I do to help?

Pray for guidance and wisdom for FIC leadership as we move forward in the selection phase.  Pray now that God would begin preparing the heart of the next senior pastor and family for the move to Family in Christ. Pray for Pastor Paul as he continues to lead the church and cares for his wife Judy.


Will more information be coming out? 

Pastor Paul will continue to provide periodic updates during services. Additionally, new information or updates to schedule will be posted on this section of the website.

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