Pastor Transition Updates

*Updated June 23rd, 2022


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In 2021, after more than 25 years of faithful service as Senior Pastor for Family in Christ, Paul decided the time is approaching for him to step down and for FIC to begin transitioning to the next chapter.   In September, 2021, FIC Elders secured the services of an outside consultant (Vanderbloemen) to assist leadership in planning a successful search process.  Following review of FIC information and interviews with leadership and staff, Vanderbloemen presented a phase I report with recommendations on how FIC should proceed.  Based on their report and leadership’s satisfaction with services, the Elders voted to engage Vanderbloemen in a phase II contract to assist in the recruitment and screening of prospective candidates for the position.  Vanderbloemen has years of extensive experience, knowledge and success in assisting churches with filling key leadership positions.  A contract for phase II services was negotiated and executed in December.  
In 2021, the Elder board members voted to form a selection committee consisting of mature Christians who are or have served leadership positions at FIC. That committee consists of three women and four men.

What has happened since the last update in April?

Vanderbloemen presented seven candidates to the Selection Committee for consideration.  Following an initial screening, the committee moved forward with a more detailed review and initial interviews with five candidates.  Of those, the top two candidates were invited to FIC on two separate weekends for final interviews and meetings.  The Selection Committee and Elders have been discerning God’s will and seeking his guidance throughout this process.  While the committee and Elders have met some very passionate, well educated, and experienced candidates with a heart for God, we have yet to find one with the right fit for FIC.  As a result, the Selection Committee will continue the journey to evaluate and interview additional candidates, and present findings to the Elder Board for prayerful consideration and decision.  That next phase will begin the week of June 19. 

What comes next and what is the approximate timing?  

June/July 2022 – The Selection Committee will meet with the Elder Board and recommend which candidate(s) should be considered for the position.  The Elder Board will make the final decision and negotiate a package and starting date.

It remains the hope of FIC leadership to have the new Senior Pastor on board by the end of the summer.  

What can I do to help?
Continue to pray for guidance and wisdom for FIC leadership as we move forward in the interview and selection phase.  Continue to pray now that God would begin preparing the heart of the next senior pastor and family for the move to Family in Christ. Pray for Pastor Paul as he continues to lead the church and cares for his wife Judy.
Will more information be coming out? 
Pastor Paul will continue to provide periodic updates during services. New information or updates to schedule will continue to be posted on this section of the website.

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