Join us for a 40 Day Prayer Challenge!

July 11th – August 22nd

Pick up your Prayer Journal at Church
In our upcoming summer sermon series, we’ll be taking a look at the six requests of the Lord’s Prayer. Also during this time, we invite you to join us for a 40 Day Summer Prayer Challenge!

Follow along in pastor Mark Batterson’s “Draw the Circle Prayer Journal,” where each day will guide you into more intentional prayers with writing prompts for 40 days, while you draw a circle around the things you are praying for. In addition, each day includes a scripture quote, a passage to inspire and guide your prayer experiment, and beautifully designed spreads for journaling.
This book is for the reflective writers, the scripture sketchers, the proverb doodlers, the prayer list makers. For those who like to venture outside the lines, the dotted pages can be customized to your unique prayer style.

Discover the power of bold prayer as you witness how prayer strengthens your faith and encourages those around you. As you journal through this prayer experiment, you will be challenged, strengthened, and encouraged as you draw closer to the living, ever-near, and unbelievably good God.


Pick up your Prayer Journal at Church

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