REDISCOVER JESUS with us during Lent. Whether you have been following Jesus for years or are still asking curious questions, we would love to invite you to rediscover Jesus in new ways this year as we head through Lent to Easter. The Rediscover Jesus book is an insightful journey filled with 40 simple thoughts to chew on each day.
Didn’t get a book from us?
You can order a copy of the Rediscover Jesus book for FREE HERE
Along with this, we are encouraging people to take the Matthew Challenge. By simply reading four chapters each week, one will get through the Gospel of Matthew before Easter.
Below are some different ways you can participate
with us this Lenten season
One of the easiest ways to rediscover Jesus is to simply use this format for your personal devotional time with God. Commit 10 – 15 minutes either first thing in the morning or just before your head hits the pillow at night, read through these short passages, simmer, and know that hundreds of us are joining you each day. Do you have a family dinner night? Consider doing some of the topics together with whomever you are living with. Don’t have a family dinner night… great time to start one!
At Family in Christ, we cherish and champion our life groups knowing that we grow better together as we share our hearts and homes with each other. Many life groups will be setting aside their current studies to join the church at large.  Don’t have a life group? What a great time to jump in! Contact and we’ll help you find a group that will love to have you join them.
We have such a great room at Family in Christ that it simply makes sense to have some Great Room Great Conversations! Each week after our services during March, we will pull up a chair around some tables, snack, and rediscover Jesus together. This a a great opportunity to not only journey with us through Lent but get to know some new people along the way.