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Sermon Notes

John 8:1-11
Preview: Sooner or later, when you love where you live, the issue of faith comes up. Maybe you bring it up. Maybe they do. But almost certainly, that neighbor of yours has thoughts and feelings about God and Jesus and church. Perhaps not exactly POSITIVE feelings. When people don’t attend church or STOP attending church, usually there’s a REASON. So what will you do when they express their disappointment or their disbelief or their doubts? How can you allay their fears if they have been hurt by a church or Christians in the past? And how can you communicate both compassion as well as clarity in what Jesus is really all about? That will be our subject this weekend in worship as we take a look at Jesus’ encounter in John 8 with a woman who was brought to him by the Pharisees. Join us as we are again amazed at Jesus’ response.