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Sermon Notes

Luke 19:1-10 
Preview: Last Sunday afternoon I took a ride around Standley Lake in my next door neighbor’s 1968 bright yellow Corvette convertible. Mike has been working on it for weeks. Sunday it was time for a test drive. “Looks like today’s the day,” I said. “Yep,” he smiled. And off we went. Mike seems to know little about faith and I know even less about rebuilding engines, but Mike and Teresa are my neighbors. And so Judy and I have been intentional about waving to them as we leave the house, stopping to talk for a moment when we get home. Through it all, we have learned a bit about their hopes and hurts, their hobbies and habits. It’s just the start of a relationship. But that is where loving where you live begins. Last weekend, we invited you to give your neighbors a second look by praying for them. This week, as we hear Jesus call Zacchaeus down from that sycamore tree, we see still the next step to neighboring: meeting them and learning their names. When we do, who knows where it will lead? Perhaps a joy ride around a lake. Perhaps not. But God has a way of using us no matter what when we love where we live.