Worship Through Services

Sunday August 1st

Worship Services CANCELLED!

Let’s serve like Jesus. Let’s love our neighbors and community like Jesus. “For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.” (Matthew 20:28) Simply join one of a dozen opportunities that we have planned! Pray and ask how God would have you bless others, select your service opportunity as an individual or as a whole family, then sign-up below, on our app, or in the Lobby! We are looking for at least 200 committed followers of Jesus to take their faith to the streets… will you join us as we help change the spiritual terrain of our community?

Community Car Wash


Help us host a free car wash here at FIC from 10:00am – Noon on August 1st in the East Parking Lot. Bring a towel and plan to get wet! No donations are allowed as we seek to show God’s love in a free and unconditional way. Jesus washed feet, we wash cars!

Team Leader:
Regan Archer (regan@familyinchrist.com)


Burrito Team: Makers or Takers


Burrito MAKERS:
Are you a natural in the kitchen? We’re looking for a couple of groups to make 20-30 burritos each to be hot and ready by Sunday at 10:00am at FIC. Another group(s) will take these burritos downtown and hand them out to those in need. It is a tag-team kind of a thing!

Burrito TAKERS:
Join us in groups of 5-8 people as we will head down to Denver to various areas to meet the physical and spiritual needs of those struggling to make it through the day. We’ll hand out fresh, homemade burritos and share the love of God with our neighbors in a practical way!

Team Leaders:

MAKERS – Karen Karr (karenkarr70@gmail.com) & Diane Long (dianelong7@gmail.com)
TAKERS – Wes Jones (wes@familyinchrist.com)


The Refuge Single Moms Projects

The Refuge is a local ministry that serves singles moms in our community. They have 4 women who need handyman-type help from simple weed pulling to stripping and painting a couple of decks. Join one of our teams that will head out to knock out a few easy projects.

Team Leader:

Paul Vestal (prvestal@me.com)

A Precious Child


What: A Precious Child provides children in need with opportunities and resources to empower them to achieve their full potential. Volunteers will be working in both our Donation Center to help process incoming items and our Fill A Backpack program to assemble school supplies.

You will be tasked with sorting through donated items, organizing the warehouse, cleaning up the store front, and any other activities needed during your shift.

Where: 7051 W. 118th Avenue, Broomfield – Volunteer Check in at Unit 6

When: Sunday, August 1st from 9:00 – 11:00am

Volunteer Required Attire: All volunteers are required to wear a mask and close-toed shoes to participate in volunteering.

Volunteer Required Waiver: Before the day of volunteering, all volunteers who are planning on participating will need to register as group volunteers using the following link: https://www.volgistics.com/ex/portal.dll/ap?ap=1767921938
Please make sure all group members write the name of your organization in the Employer/Group Information field of the application. Your group name will be “Family In Christ.”

Team Leader:
Wes Jones (wes@familyinchrist.com)


Card Ministry


Join us in the simple, yet powerful act of sending a handmade, handwritten card of encouragement. You can either pick up a few the weekend of July 25th and write them from home, or join a group at FIC on Sunday, August 1st from 9:00 – 11:00am to write them together. 

Team Leader:
Heidi Greer Larkin (heidi@heidijgreer.com)

Block Parties

You’ll have to move fast on this one, but what do most people in your neighborhood actually need right now? Each other… and you! Loneliness and isolation have crushed people this past year, grab a couple of neighbors and throw a block party. Toss some bean bags, munch on some goodies, fire up some grills and love your neighbors!
We have a guide HERE to help you get started!



Regan Archer’s wife Kelly has a Beyond the Walls ministry called Chadash Dance (http://chadashdance.com/). They have a concert at the Broomfield Auditorium collaborating with the City of Broomfield on August 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th & 15th. There are many ways to help serve the arts. See below:

  1. Lunch Volunteer: Our crew of dancers will be rehearsing from July 31st through August 15th. We need someone to help Susan, Kelly’s mom, to coordinate and simply put out a variety of things at the dance study for them to eat throughout the day. This could be split up between a couple of people for the dates needed. 
  2. Lobby Volunteers: During each show, the Broomfield Auditorium requires us to have someone sit in the lobby during the show. If you’re good at sitting, we can use you!
  3. Program Volunteer: We need two people per show to help hand out programs as patrons head into the auditorium. 
  4. Intermission Sales Volunteer: We need two people per show to help sell merchandise during intermission. It would be pretty easy to do both this and programs. 
  5. Vehicle: We could use an extra vehicle to help get all these extra people moved around for the week. Have a spare that we could borrow?
  6. Costumes: We have costumes all ready to go, but organizing, repairing, and cleaning them throughout the five shows would be a huge help for us. 
Team Leader:
Regan Archer (regan@familyinchrist.com)

Jesus on Colfax

Jesus on Colfax is an extraordinary ministry in Denver that seeks to assist those caught in cycles of addiction and poverty to experience the freedom and love of God. Join us to do some light cleaning at their newly acquired building. We’ll also take some time to do a prayer walk together.

Team Leader:
Chauncey Boughton (chauncey.boughton@comcast.net)


Prayer Walk

Take the normal hour that you would worship on Sunday morning or Saturday night and simply walk around your neighborhood. Pray for individuals, marriages, families, kids. Pray against abuse and neglect. Pray for protection. Pray for salvation. Next level challenge: Stop anyone you pass, let them know you are doing a prayer walk and ask them how you can pray for them!