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The Words and Ways of the Son of God



Matthew 11:3

and John the Baptist said to him, “Are you the one who is to come, or shall we look for another?”
A 15-week series exploring the real Jesus – revealed in His WORDS and WAYS

“Who is Jesus?”


This question is one of the most important we can ask ourselves – or others. Either Jesus was the greatest hoax of all time or He was, in fact, the Son of God, the world’s savior. Everything about your life hinges on the answer to this simple question, “Who is Jesus?”

Over the next few months, we will examine the WORDS of Jesus in Matthew 11 and the WAYS of Jesus throughout the New Testament. We’re starting with Matthew 11 because John the Baptist expresses some doubts in this passage. So he sends a message to Jesus saying, “Are you really who you claim to be?” The rest of the chapter is Jesus’ answer to that question. 

The modern-day relevance of Matthew 11 is profound. Denver’s Front Range urban corridor is also teeming with doubters. Many had been okay with their childhood understanding of Jesus, but then grew up and experienced the complexities of real life. Now they doubt or even deny Him today. They say with John the Baptist, “How do we know you’re the one you say you are?”

We pray that as we examine scripture, we’ll discover Jesus as KING – the visible image of the invisible God!



10 – Who is King Jesus – Matthew 11:2-6

17 – Meeting King Jesus– Matthew 11:4-15

24 – Rejecting King Jesus – Matthew 11:16-24


01 – The Greatness of King Jesus – Matthew 11:18-27

08 – The Grace of King Jesus – Matthew 11:23-27

15 – The Restful Burden – Matthew 11:28-30

22 – The Grace of King Jesus’ Law – Matthew 5:1-10, 17-20 (Part I)

29 – The Law of King Jesus’ Grace – Matthew 5:1-10, 17-20 (Part II)


05 – King Jesus’ Baptism and Temptation – Matthew 3:13-4:11

12 – King Jesus and the Wedding – John 2:1-11

19 – King Jesus and the Temple – John 2:12-25
24 – Thanksgiving Service (10 am)
26 – The Heart of King Jesus with us – John 11:32-44 (Advent Week One)


03 – King Jesus the Healer with us – Mark 7:24-37 (Advent Week Two – Joyful Noise)

10 – King Jesus the Son with us – Luke 1:26-38 (Advent Week Three)

17 – King Jesus’ Peace with us – Luke 2:10-14 (Advent Week Four)

24 – Christmas Courage – Matt. 1:18-24 (No Morning Service – Christmas Eve Services at 3 & 5 pm)